Tuesday, December 12, 2017

11:00am – 12:00pm (PST)



TOPIC: "Fuse Online - iPaaS Middleware offering"

Two critical evolutions in integration platforms are taking place, creating new challenges for organizations like yours. One is the move of edge applications from monolith to microservices-based architecture, making it difficult for ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) integrations of traditional centralized hubs. The other is the need to broaden business and technological analysis and input when designing integration solutions.

This webinar focuses on meeting these new demands using Red Hat JBoss Fuse integration suites, which offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Already a clear favorite in open-source communities for its simplicity and usability, JBoss Fuse now offers Fuse iPaaS, a cloud-based integration solution with low or no-code base.

Join Red Hat and their implementation partner, OSI Consulting, as they discuss seamlessly integrating on-premises heavy duty applications, custom apps, and cloud offerings such as Concur or Salesforce using Fuse iPaaS.

This event will also explore breaking away from conventional IT-only integration, using a larger cross-section of your business to introduce specific insights into the integration process and other best practices.

Please RSVP below by Monday, December 11, 2017. We hope you can join us on this informative talk.

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OSI Consulting, Inc.

Meet the Speakers

Principal Consultant
OSI Consulting Inc.

Makrand Pare

Myriam Fenantes

Senior Solution Architect
Red Hat

About OSI Consulting

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Since 1993, we have successfully helped clients around the world with business transformation, implementation of integrated enterprise solutions and managing complex systems and infrastructure. OSI has partnered with leading enterprise software companies and infrastructure providers such as Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, Tableau, TIBCO, EMC, Amazon and Salesforce.com. OSI is able to leverage these partner relationships to deliver high-quality, end-to-end customer solutions that are targeted to the needs of each customer, throughout the various stages of growth.

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